Hello all! My n…

Hello all! My name is Stephanie. I’ve recently started following several blogs and I really enjoy it. I learn all kinds of new things and tricks that come in handy and save money. I’m all for that these days. 🙂 I figured why not give my own blog a shot? So I’ll give it a try for a little while and see how things work. I guess I don’t have anything to lose. It’s just a way to share with everyone the comings and goings of my life (which really isn’t all that exciting at times).

As people who follow The Pioneer Woman know, her latest cookbook just came out March 13, 2012. Ever since I read her biography “The Pioneer Woman: Black Heels to Tractor Wheels”, I’ve been a huge fan. Her writing is just so funny. She isn’t embarrassed to share any of her stories which I would be! After reading her book, I started following her blog & checked out her first cookbook. It has some awesome recipes in it, by the way. One of my & the hubby’s favorite is her Apple Dumplings. We don’t do a whole lot of desserts in my house, but this one is definitely a winner. I just saw the recipe and it sounded easy & very delicious so I gave it a try one night. My hubby was sold ever since. HAHA! When I found out she was printing a new one, I knew that I had to get it.

Last Wednesday while at work, I noticed that a few blogs were giving away signed copies of Ree’s new cookbook. I jumped on the opportunity and registered at all the different blogs. I NEVER win anything, but I never will if I don’t try. I went home that night & told my hubby all about registering & just hoping that out of one of them, I might actually win. Gotta have faith sometimes. So the next morning I got up and went to work. A little after 1, I checked my e-mail and low and behold I had an email from Amy of Living Locurto (www.livinglocurto.com) with the subject saying that it was my lucky day. Thankfully, I read the subject before deleting because she was correct! I won an autographed copy of Ree’s new cookbook. I literally got out of my chair & jumped up & down. I was so happy!!! I couldn’t believe it because like I said earlier I never win anything. I finally can say that I won something and it’s something AWESOME!

Now I can’t wait to go to her book signing in Birmingham! Although some people are telling me that I don’t have to now since it’s already signed. That doesn’t mean that I can’t take another one & get it signed. LOL! My hubby said that he would take me if I really wanted to go. I’m not so sure that he knows what he’s getting himself into tho. 🙂 As of now, I guess we are going as long as nothing else comes up or changes. I’ll definitely be letting you know.



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